be pART of ART


Kim Roberts is an Irish Visual Artist currently living in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. In 2016 she received an Honours Degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. She had her first Solo Exhibition in The Old Boathouse on the shores of Cork Harbour in 2017. The exhibition included Painting, Printmaking & a site specific Installation. Since graduating Roberts work has been exhibited in both private and public venues throughout Ireland and Europe. In January 2019 The National Gallery of Ireland acquired one of her works for their permanent collection, a huge accolade and honour for the artist.

Artist Statement

Since arriving in Thessaloniki I share my time between my home studio and Les Yper Yper, an artist’s collective in the city. Feeling energised and inspired by my new surroundings, I have seen a link to my own heritage, Irish & Celtic Mythology and Greek Mythology. Both filled with lore of wars, romance, magic and mystery. As a mixed media artist I spend a lot of time gathering detritus and other waste materials from builders skips and recycling bins which I use as substrates or elements within the work. This found material becomes an integral part of the piece, reflecting the essence and spirit of Thessaloniki, while adding an energy and whole new meaning. Each piece tells its own story and at times, enacting as a contemporary “memento mori” evoking traces of existence and the fragility of life. I work fast and furious, intuitively and from the gut, the results are mainly abstract impressions which the viewer can immerse themselves into and extract their own narrative.